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Artificial intelligence, big data and social media monitoring combined to optimise your target group approach

Get to know topics from your customers‘ perspective

Nowadays, it seems easier than ever before to identify business-relevant topics through the Internet and social media communication in particular, in order to gain competitive advantages.

In most cases, however, the potential is not exploited. The reasons for this are often the sheer quantity of unstructured data and a lack of an analysis strategy / method that makes it possible to gain the necessary insights.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Everybody talks about it – we use it!

With our self-learning system, optimized for Big Data in the form of unstructured text data, we offer you an AI-supported data analysis and help you achieve the desired results.

Our individual strategies make it possible to analyze topic complexes, brands or entire industries, including your competitors, data-driven within online communication.


Somtypes Themenlandkarte "Zukunft_der_Arbeit"

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Somtypes Themenlandkarte: G20 Gipfel in Hamburg

"Whoever is concerned in the analysis only to avoid discrediting his own words of yesterday cannot find the strength for radical thoughtfulness "- HELMUT SCHMIDT (Former German Chancellor)

International Reports

Somtypes helps you to understand your customers needs – don’t bother them with dull ads and boring texts.
Make them happy with content they enjoy and satisfy their needs.

… and statistics show that happy customers buy more. Companies benefit from the fact that brands with happy customers grow twice as much as the average of other companies in the same category… (

Products & Pricing


With the AI excerpt you receive a fully automated evaluation. You will receive an approx. 50 page snippet clipping with an AI-supported automatic topic structuring as PDF. With our 365° method, the desired topic area is semantically divided into the six most important subject areas, each with six main topics.
We deliver the AI excerpt in 47 languages, including French, English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and Russian.

Price: from 3.000 EUR
Implementation period: from 2 working days


Focus report

The focus report provides the compressed form of the AI excerpt. In addition to the snippet clipping, one persona per topic area is created for a deeper understanding of the topic. Persona contains a short summary of the respective topic area as well as a SWOT analysis in which the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of the topic area are analysed from the perspective of the persona.
Snippet clipping is abbreviated and contains only the three most important excerpts for each topic.

Price: from 6.000 EUR
Implementation period: from 7 working days

Fokusreport "Künstliche Intelligenz"

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